What are your top recommended REITs (Real Estate Investment Trust)?

Like a lot of SMSF Investors, I have been hard hit by relying too much on the Banks & Telstra for their Dividends, as income generators for living in retirement. As a result I am looking to rotate into investments that provide less dividend income but greater security and continuity of such dividend income. One such area of interest for my future investment activity (research and trades) is Australian Property (REITS). Based on your in-depth professional knowledge of the Australian Sharemarket, I was wondering, if it is appropriate, that you would consider suggesting 6 to 8 names of REITS, so that I may conduct further research and make my own decision as to whether or not, invest in a number of such REITS. My objective is to achieve a reasonable, secure and continuing Dividend Income ( range 4.5% to 6%) from solid investments in the REIT sector.

A: Here are 8 REITs to consider. I should point out that there has been massive disruption in the REIT market due to Covid-19. Commercial office REITs and shopping centre REITs have been hit really hard, while many industrial REITs (particularly those with exposures to logistics) have boomed and their prices have soared. Buying REITs at the moment needs a view about how Covid-19 will play out and the medium term demand for commercial property. Have a look at these:


Charter Hall Long WALE REIT (CLR) – long lease exposure

Goodman Group (GMG) – diversified, but exposed to industrial and logistics

Dexus (DXS) – mainly commercial office

Centuria Office REIT – mainly metropolitan office

Vicinty  Centres – retail, mainly major centres

GPT Group (GPT) – diversified, but mainly commercial office

National Storage REIT (NSR) – specialty, self-storage centres

BWP Trust (BWP) – specialty, Bunnings Warehouses

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