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What are your thoughts on the battery storage/electric vehicle market?

Hi Paul

I am wanting to get some exposure to the battery storage / electric vehicle market. I have been following a few stocks in this space and am thinking that an ETF might be best way to go. I have found one ETF called ACDC which aims to track the performance of the Solactive Battery Value-Chain Index which, as you probably know, consists of stocks of worldwide companies that are providers of certain electro-chemical energy storage technology (i.e., battery technology) and mining companies that produce metals that are primarily used for manufacturing batteries. What are your thoughts on this ETF or any other that you may be aware of.


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Considering the current negativity surrounding A2 Millk, do you think it can grow in the long term?

I know you get a lot of queries regarding A2 Milk and I know both yourself and Paul have been fans. I did my own research and whilst I didn’t get in at the $13 to $14 range, as most of your readers may have done I got in at $10. One of my reasons was buying a stock which was $20 for $10 gives me a fair bit of margin of safety but now it looks like this will touch sub 7’s or even high 6’s.

I think most of us know the issues with A2M, given the border closures etc but there seems to be a lot of negativity tied to this stock at the moment. My question is in your view if I have a 2 year view from now do you think it can get back to $10 or is the growth and high margin days behind this company. I realise its a difficult one to answer but over 2 years I am hoping I can recover my capital.

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