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AMP Investment Bonds

Hi Paul,
I currently have investment bonds for my grandchildren with AMP. Given the news around AMP and it’s future, what is your view on the AMP Investment Bonds future ?.

Should I redeem and pay any tax or continue holding them?

Hear that Platinum is introducing the Investment Bond product – what is your view on this product?

I wish to add to investments for my grandkids, do you have any suggestions/recommendations?


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Growth stocks

I want to better understand what the drivers are that move a stock price up or down Specifically I am confused by the performance of growth stocks which have nil revenue generation, do not pay any dividend and/or have a business model that are based on the future commercialisation of a set of products currently under development. These companies appear to be speculative and the market seems to pump these stocks up and then take profits. A typical example might be PRL which is up 6.9% today (26/3). Why would someone or an institutional investor buy this stock
Seems like a lottery to me and keeps driving me back to value based trading (less risky, generally) but as Im 70 years old, Im wanting to have some fun in the market and growth stocks may provide this outlet.

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The highest dividend yielding companies

Liking your information and reading. Can you tell me what are the highest franking dividend paying companies and also ones that have unused dividends/credits please should I want to invest? Thank you.

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