What are your thoughts on Bitcoin?

This question is for Peter Switzer
Let’s talk about Bitcoin . This is not going away and slowly companies and large companies are adopting it Microsoft have allowed the use since 2013 for their gaming platform . Tesla of course and many other smaller companies are coming aboard and what about Switzer will your company ?. The talk from the older business gurus like Buffit and Munger hate it but then they also were very late to invest in companies they did not understand like Amazon . Looking at the initial beginnings of Bitcoin it has been the best investment for the last 10 years are we all to disregard . I would love your opinion and tell me truthfully how much have you got already ?
Geoff Mac

A: Thanks for the question.

I think Peter is in the same position as me – I don’t hold any.

I think Central Banks will regulate it by promoting a government sponsored, cryptocurrency alternative. Below is a link to an article I have written.

Bitcoin should be banned (or regulated)


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