Difficulty assessing value of distributions for Amaysim (AYS) & Optus

I’m struggling to assess value of distributions in three tranches of proposed AYS and Optus Share Sale Agreement. I bought for $1.10. Would selling them if price returns to $1.10 before Agreement, as I’d normally do per my “at least try to break-even” rule, be missing a guaranteed? Better than break-even return? Perhaps it’s already at it, but can a price be calculated at which the Agreement will deliver a guaranteed? Break-even or better than $1.10 per share?

A: Looks like I am the bearer of bad news – you won’t get back your $1.10. That’s why the share price for Amaysim (AYS) is currently $0.735.


The deal is worth somewhere between $0.67 and $0.73 per share, plus up to 11c in franking credits. This will be paid in 3 tranches, starting in March 2021 and expected to be completed in October 21, with the company then wound up.


This looks like a done deal and the share price won’t return to $1.10. Sorry.

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