What are your recommended global stocks?

This week Charlie wrote about exposure to Global markets and how he’s going to make a case for Berkshire Hathaway, a stock I couldn’t afford. I’ve previously thought about gaining direct exposure to US stocks but seems like a bit of a hassle. What’s some of the best ETF/LICs that a small player could use to start gaining exposure to global stocks?

A: You can of course buy Berkshire Hathaway Class B shares – they a 1,500th of a Class A share and trade at USS191.51 (the class A shares are each worth US$287,200). The code is BRK.B. Easy to purchase through CommSec or Nab trade

More generally, if you are looking to invest offshore, the easiest way is through ETFs trading on the ASX such as IVV (which tracks the US S&P 500), or its currency hedged  version IHVV. For broader exposure (all world markets), consider IWLD/IHWL or VGS/VGAD.

You may also want some active managers. Try Magellan, WCM and Platinum through MGE, WQG and PIXX.

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