James Dunn

Financial journalist

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James Dunn is a freelance finance journalist and media consultant. James was founding editor of Shares magazine, and formerly, the personal investment editor at The Australian.

His first book, Share Investing for Dummies, was published by John Wiley & Co. in September 2002: a second edition was published in March 2007...View more >

Recent Commentary

3 gold stars

Gold is steadily on the rise and Goldman Sachs projects at outlook in which gold could reach a new record high of US$2,200 an ounce by 2025. Here are my 3 gold stars…

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4 global leaders

A surprising number of companies on the ASX are global leaders in their fields. Here are four of them that look to be very attractive buying at present.

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3 stocks under 50 cents

Here’s another collection of stocks that I like that are priced under 50 cents. One has jumped above that level today and I wish it had had announced this lodgement next week!

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Two top food stocks

Today, I’m looking at two first-class agribusinesses with global reach. I think there’s good value in both, with a more favourable El Nino pattern on the way.

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