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Recent DIY Super Questions

Should I play it safe and move to cash?

Peter, I know crystallizing loses is never a great idea but my super is all in Australian equities with the balance down substantially in the last few months. I’m 55 years old and like all of us not sure where Europe is going with their issues. Do I bite the bullet and play safe with cash and risk the chance of a strong bounce?

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Can one member’s losses be offset against another member’s capital gains?

My wife and I have our own SMSF and up until recently I was the only one who had money in the fund and my wife nil. My question is that during the last few years I have realised capital losses in the fund, while my wife has just rolled over her money from another fund into the SMSF. If she makes any realised capital gain profits in the fund, will these be offset against my losses (the fund as a whole)? Or are gains and losses within the fund only applicable to each member of the fund when completing annual return.


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How do I start a TRT pension?

I am 69 years old and I have just started my SMSF. I have an accumulation account in my SMSF and a defined benefit from my employer that I will withdraw next year when I retire. My question is, what do I need to do to start a transition to retirement pension? Are there any documents to fill out to do that, or do I just withdraw 5% each year from my accumulation account as a pension?

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